beatfactory Kero + Sanou Ges.n.b.R.
Owners: Gerhard Kero + Ulli Sanou

Location: Moosweg 6
A-3123 Neustift
Studio: Neubaugasse 44
A-1070 Wien

St. Pölten

Object of the company
Service: Musical performances, team development

Gerhard Kero
+43 676 917 8663

Ulli Sanou
+43 676 733 8548

VAT-Nr: ATU20041504

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Bank details
Raiffeisenbank Region St. Pölten
issued to: Gerhard Kero oder Ulrike Sanou
IBAN:   AT58 3258 5000 0100 7921

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Photos by Andrea Rührnschopf

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